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We provide accurate delivery service estimations based on the details of your air waybill (AWB). You can check on your shipment’s estimated delivery date and get updates on the progress by DHL tracking tool by using your 10-digit DHL Express air waybill.

Read more about track & trace here.

We have 3 delivery/collection cycles every day.

A cycle: 10am – 1pm
B cycle: 3pm – 6pm
C cycle: 7pm – 9pm

Our On-Demand Delivery (ODD) service gives you 6 alternate delivery options for your convenience.

Learn more about ODD.

Volumetric weight measures the dimensions of your shipment to derive a weight. DHL Express will compare this and the actual weight of your shipment and select the higher of the two to use as final weight calculation.

First of all, we offer our sincere apologies for this unfortunate incident. 

Please lodge a claim by contacting DHL customer service team.
This has to be done within 30 days from the date DHL Express accepts the shipment.

We recommend that you read up on DHL shipment insurance to understand how compensation and coverage works.

Our transit times are optimized to be delivered in the quickest time possible. In most cases, if the shipment arrives early, we will send it out for delivery earlier than what was estimated.

However, we do understand that some shipments need special attention and are more urgent than others.

We offer 3 time-definite services:

  • Delivery before 9:00am
  • Delivery before 10:30am
  • Delivery before 12pm

You should check with our customer service team if the country you are shipping to is eligible for these services. Surcharges apply.

Find out which DHL Express product suits your needs best.

In the rare event where you need courier service within the same day, DHL Express offers Same Day Service (SDS).

There will be a processing fee of SGD 30. We will retrieve the shipment and send it back to you on a best effort basis.