Certified International Specialists: Delivering Excellent Customer Service Quality

Certified International Specialists: Delivering Excellent Customer Service Quality

If you have read, seen or heard about DHL Express before, there is a good chance that you would come across the term “Certified International Specialists” or CIS. So what, or rather who are Certified International Specialist?


It became apparent that DHL Express, a leading courier in Singapore, had to have a set of standards that was universally recognizable by our customers all over the world. Whether you are using DHL Express in Asia, Europe, the Americas, or anywhere in the world, you would receive the same level of service that all our customers are accustomed to. 
In 2010, DHL Express launched the Certified International Specialists (CIS) & Certified International Managers (CIM) programme, a compulsory sit-in class for all employees that provides a structured and progressive education on the fundamentals of international express shipping and a deeper understanding of DHL Express’s operations.

From generic introductory topics to more specialized topics, for example, fundamental education on Dangerous Goods to soft skills that guide our staff to act, behave, and respond in a certain fashion. 

Over the years, CIS introduced more comprehensive topics, even incorporating new employee induction classes and department-specific training so DHL Express employees adopt the correct attitude, mindset, and understanding. 

Over 500,000 employees have received CIS training around the world, and it has been regarded as one of the key contributors to DHL Express’s international success in providing a comprehensive standardized cross-border service.


When you select DHL Express, you are not simply working with a logistics company, you are partnering with an organization of Certified International Specialists that are dedicated to providing you with a high level of consistent service, no matter which part of the world you might need DHL.

Certified International Specialists are guided by a core focus of having an “Insanely Customer-Centric Culture” or ICCC. This focus promotes the culture of understanding, addressing, and prioritizing our customer’s needs first, no matter how minor or insignificant it may seem. DHL Express’s management also places heavy emphasis on motivating their employees. 

While the CIS training is primarily focused on level-upping DHL Express employees, the material and structure of each lesson incorporate the history and journey of the organization in an enjoyable and enriching manner to inspire and create value amongst staff. This in turn steeps a deepened sense of ownership and dedication toward the ICCC focus.

One recent portrayal of DHL Express’s ICCC was amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the early months of 2020. Upon the commencement of the government’s Circuit Breaker, many local businesses had to cease operations to adhere to safety measures, while only essential services were allowed to function. DHL Express Singapore was deemed an essential service due to the nature of our service – connecting Singapore to the rest of the world.

During this period, there was a surge in demand for international express transportation, as both customers and businesses alike were scrambling to send or receive medical equipment such as masks, gloves and other PPE. Under immense challenges from the restrictions of the airline industry, DHL Express still continued to focus on our customers and their urgent demands – a testament of our expertise as Certified International Specialists with the core focus of being Insanely Customer-Centric.


Since commencing operations in 1969, DHL Express has established its presence in more countries, territories, and regions, gradually expanding its logistics service offerings to a wider base of customers all around the world. 

DHL Express’s focus is to provide a simple, all-inclusive door-to-door service for parcels and documents in a fast and reliable manner. As the world quickly took on to globalization, the demand for international travel and freight soared, playing a key role in defining the direction of the logistics industry. 

Understandably, offering a consistent service throughout multiple countries and regions has posed a formidable challenge, because no two countries were the same. Committing to fast transit times meant having an efficient network, requiring plenty of combined effort from all the staff at DHL Express to maintain, develop, and optimize its service to make it what it is today.

Much like a well-oiled machine, every aspect of DHL international delivery service has to be perfect as they are progressively co-dependent toward the end delivery. From the moment the courier picks up the shipment, to when it is processed and loaded on the airplane, to the arrival at the destination country and the multitude of customs regulations it can potentially face, up to the vast variance in the landscape of the last-mile delivery, DHL Express ensures that your shipment reaches your intended recipient in a timely and safe fashion.

Over time, DHL Express grew to be more than a logistics company. It became a global brand that exuded service quality, reliability, and – believe it or not, fashion! Customers all around the world would find the iconic logo being advertised in sporting events, fashion brands, and more. The challenge for DHL Express was to maintain its reputation as a first-class logistics brand.

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