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DHL Medical Express, or WMX, is a specialised shipping solution typically catered to research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that have an approved account with us.

When you use our medical express service, you are entrusting your shipment to a dedicated team of experts that that are well-versed in handling WMX shipments. From the customer service support, to the operations team handling the shipments, up to the delivery courier, we ensure that your shipment is fully compliant locally, regionally and with IATA regulations.

WMX shipments enjoy the latest possible collection timings and priority delivery, due to the sensitive nature of the shipments. Our in-house customs teams are experienced in clearing your shipments on priority to ensure that your shipments do not get held up for prolonged periods. 

For all our WMX shipments, we have optional add-on services to give you a better sense of security.

  • Insurance
  • Special temperature controlled packaging in various sizes
  • Coolant material like dried ice or gel packs
  • Smart sensor technology to monitor the temperature throughout its journey

Examples of WMX shipments include: Urine, Stool, Serum, Plasma, Saliva, Blood etc.

To find out more about WMX shipments, and how we can help your business ship your sensitive shipments, contact us today!