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Sometimes, tomorrow is just too late.

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DHL Express Singapore offers same-day reliable overseas export of courier services with doorstep pick-up through Secureline and Jetline.

For your emergency shipments, DHL Express Singapore offers same-day delivery services, with dedicated pick-up from your doorstep within 60 minutes. To ensure a seamless delivery process, we make use of our dedicated resources to coordinate the pickup, transport, delivery and tracking of every parcel across the globe.


DHL Jetline employs a next, best flight out approach to ensure your time-critical shipments can be sent across the world as fast as possible. We work around the clock and are able to collect your shipments within 60 minutes to expedite the international shipping process. From pickup to customs up till the doorstep of your customers, DHL Express Singapore will be along the way to ensure maximum security and responsibility for your shipment. We understand that time is of the essence, hence we conduct pre-clearance through customs even before landing to minimize any time spent through the customs.


With DHL Secureline, high-value time-sensitive shipments are carried across the globe by dedicated charter service, either by plane or helicopter. This service offers an extra layer of protection for your valuable shipments. For smaller shipments, there will be a dedicated onboard courier to ensure the safety and security of your goods, so rest assured of a seamless and efficient export courier service by DHL Express Singapore.

If you have emergency mission-critical shipments for export through courier service, please contact our consultants here .