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We have a range of packaging to help protect your shipments during its import or export process.
Packaging and Specifications

EXPRESS EASY BOX 1 350x275x10mm | 0.5kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 2 337x182x100mm | 1kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 3 337x322x100mm | 2kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 4 337x322x180mm | 5kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 5 337x322x345mm | 10kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 6 417  X359X369mm | 15kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 7 481x404x389mm | 20kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 8 541x444x409mm | 30kg


1. Documentation Made Easy

We understand it can feel daunting to have to process multiple administrative documents for your shipments especially when you are new to it. But fret not, we make documentation easy for you with our simple guide and checklist for you to ensure you have what you need for the next step.

Example of a shipping checklist

general enquiries shipment check list

Example of an Electronic Air Waybill

general enquiries electronically air waybill

Example of commercial invoice (DHL Template)

general enquiries commercial invoice

2. Understanding Your DHL Invoice

general enquiries tax invoice billing information
general enquiries commercial invoice