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DHL Express can personalize your shipping needs & also provide special pricing depending on the volume of your shipments. Kindly contact our international shipping specialist. 

For one-time personal shipments, you may refer to the link below:

By using this link, you may also get information regarding the estimated transit timing of your shipment. Kindly be informed that our charges are based on actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is greater). 

DHL Express offers a delivery by a specific time, or by the end of the next possible business day. You may choose from any of our DHL's Time Definite express services. The availability of these services are dependent on the destination for import and export services.

  • A door-to-door delivery before 9:00 a.m. on the next possible business day
  • A door-to-door delivery before 10:30 a.m. on the next possible business day
  • A door-to-door delivery before 12:00 noon on the next possible business day

Click here to get a quote.

For shipments outbound from Singapore, the charges per waybill are SGD$30.00 or 3% of the insured value. For Inbound or 3rd party shipments, the charges per waybill are SGD$17.00 or 1% of the insured value. The charges are applied based on whichever is higher.

DHL may be able to arrange insurance covering the value in respect of loss of or damage to the Shipment, provided that the Shipper so instructs DHL in writing, including by completing the insurance section on the front of the waybill or by DHL’s automated systems and pays the applicable premium. Shipment insurance does not cover indirect loss or damage, or loss or damage caused by delays.

DHL's Shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight per piece and any piece may be re-weighed and re-measured by DHL to confirm this calculation.