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1. Documentation Made Easy

We understand it can feel daunting to have to process multiple administrative documents for your shipments especially when you are new to it. But fret not, we make documentation easy for you with our simple guide and checklist for you to ensure you have what you need for the next step.

  • general enquiries shipment check list

  • general enquiries electronically air waybill

  • general enquiries commercial invoice

    2. Understanding Your DHL Invoice

    general enquiries tax invoice billing information

    1. Type of invoice: Tax Invoice, Credit note, etc.
    2. Customer Name and Billing Address
    3. Customer Billing Information: Account number, Invoice number, Invoice date, Page number (Page 1 is always the Summary Page)
    4. Type of Service: Description of service
    5. Number of Shipments: Total number of shipments within this service description and invoice
    6. Total Weight: Total weight of all shipments within this service description and invoice period
    7. Standard Shipping Charge: Transportation charge

    1. Total of Extra Charges: Total of other charges for each service
    2. Discount
    3. Total Amount (incl. VAT): Weight charge + Other Charge + Discount = Total Charge for each line
    4. Analysis of Extra Charges: Description of additional charges for each service
    5. Analysis of Discounts: Description of the discount, code and amount
    6. Due Date
    7. Total Amount: Total amount due for payment
    8. The DHL Address
    9. Payment Instructions: Instructions for the different payment methods available
    10. Billing information for Processing: Account number, Invoice number, Amount Due

    general enquiries commercial invoice

    1. Customer Billing Information: Invoice Number, Account number, Invoice Date, Page number. (Page 1 is always the summary Page)
    2. Type of invoice: Invoice, Credit, etc.
    3. Air Waybill Number: Customer DHL Waybill number
    4. Shippers Reference: Reference information provided in the Waybill
    5. Shipment Date: Date the shipment was sent
    6. Origin/Consignor: Consignor name and address
    7. Destination/Consignee: Consignee name and address
    8. Type of service: Description of service

    1. Weight in KG and Code: Total weight of all the shipments within this service and description and invoices period, and code of the weight billed
    2. Number of items: Total number of shipments within this service description and invoice
    3. Standard Charge: Transportation charge
    4. Discount amount and code
    5. Extra Charge Description: Description of additional charges for each service
    6. Extra Charges Amount: Total of other charges for each service
    7. Total Amount (incl. VAT): Standard Charge + Other Charge + Discount = Total Charge for each line
    8. Service Subtotal: Total of weight, items, and charges for each type of service
    9. Weight code descriptions


We have a range of packaging to help protect your shipments during its import or export process.
Packaging and Specifications

EXPRESS EASY BOX 1 350x275x10mm | 0.5kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 2 337x182x100mm | 1kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 3 337x322x100mm | 2kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 4 337x322x180mm | 5kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 5 337x322x345mm | 10kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 6 417  X359X369mm | 15kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 7 481x404x389mm | 20kg
EXPRESS EASY BOX 8 541x444x409mm | 30kg
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