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If you are a non-account customer, you have the option of paying by credit card or debit card when you arrange for a shipment with MyDHL+ or when contacting our customer service. You can pay in cash when you are self-lodging your shipment.

If you are an account customer, you have the same options of payment, but you will be eligible to use our MyBill (electronic billing) portal, electronic fund transfer, AXS, cheque, PayNow or direct debit – a form of automatic GIRO payment.

Eligible to account customers only, you can visit to sign-up.

After signing up, you will receive an update from our finance team within 24 hours on the status of your registration.

Once your account has been activated, you will be notified and you can proceed to log in.

You have to be an account customer to apply for direct debit. Fill in this application form and send it to:

Finance Department
DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Level 5, No. 1 Tai Seng Drive
Singapore 535215

Refer to our MyBill user guide here for step-by-step examples of the system.

Take a look at our MyBill video guide for a detailed explanation on various aspects of the portal here.

A breakdown of the key highlights of DHL MyBill:

  • Receive e-mail notifications for new invoices
  • Review all historical payments 
  • Generate customized reports on your billings
  • Query and dispute invoices
  • Secure payment by eNets or PayNow
  • Easy organization, reducing the need for physical invoices
  • No additional charges

If you have a MyBill account, go to My Account and click Me, and select the option to dispute the invoice.

If you do not have a MyBill account, you can contact our finance at 6880 6405.

Unless otherwise agreed, credit terms for freight is 30 days and credit term for duties and taxes is 7 days.

Our system will mail you reminder letters or you will be contacted by our finance team.

Typically, there are 2 reasons why you might be billed more.

  1. You did not indicate the accurate weight when creating your air waybill. All DHL Express shipments are subject to re-weigh, and if your shipment is heavier than what was originally declared, you will be billed the difference.
  2. You have incurred duties and taxes – you will need to pay for it before your shipment can clear customs.

If you prefer to speak to our experts, you can call our finance department at 6880 6405. This hotline is operates from 0900 – 1800hrs, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can call our toll-free customer service hotline at 1800 285 8888, available 24/7.

If you are sending a non-commercial shipment for non-business purposes such as a gift / not for reselling purpose, you may refer to the link below to prepare a proforma invoice:


If you are sending a commercial shipment that has a commercial value, please refer to this link :

Yes, you can provide your own invoice with your company letterhead.

Unfortunately, we are not able to assess the value of your item. However, kindly refrain from over declaring or under declaring the value of your shipment. Shipments via our network are subjected to customs clearance, duties and taxes at the destination. For more information regarding your shipments, reach out to one of our customs & shipping experts.

No, there is no need to provide a declared value if you are sending documents.

All dutiable shipments sent through DHL Express need to be accompanied by an invoice. Certain commodities are considered as “Non-Document” and will still require an invoice. In some cases, you may have to prepare additional documentations as and when required by the Destination Customs.

DHL Express pays the GST on behalf of the customer to facilitate the clearance of the shipments and quick delivery. As this prepayment requires our systems to be integrated to SG customs, this prepayment incurs costs on the part of the DHL. Moreover, as customs in each country is unique, the cost involved in each country is also unique. To ensure that we can maintain this fast clearance process with SG customs, we impose an “Advance Payment” fee. This is also stated in our Website where Advance Payment is clearly explained.

No. The fee cannot be waived. DHL pays the Customs authority on your behalf any duties and taxes that are due on the goods, when they enter the country. This simple process ensures that our courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible transit time. Please note that we only release the goods to you upon the full repayment of any duties and taxes that were paid on your behalf.