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The growth of digital commerce was unprecedented the past decade, and it will only continue to scale further. What does this translate to business owners?

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The global opportunities for ecommerce sales are rising fast where cross-border purchases are forecasted to reach US$900billion by 2020. Cross-border sales is one of many means that companies leverage on to scale their business and build a global presence outside their home country.

More than ever, logistics play a vital role in connecting industries, businesses and individuals with today’s closely knit global economy.

Hence, reliable shipping is not just important, it is essential.We take pride in being your provider of choice, through this very quality by ensuring your shipments reach your customers on time and in perfect condition.

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Looking for a logistics provider to help grow your business? Look no further! Tap on our global reach at over 220 countries and territories coupled with local knowledge of the market to let your customers enjoy the best shipping experience possible.

We are fully cognizant of this important role we play in bridging your service offering and your valued customers. As customer buying patterns have changed over the years, so are their expectations. At the present moment, customers expect everything ‘on-demand’ any time, at any place. With our On Demand Delivery solution, your customers will never have to miss a delivery again!


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With the implementation of DHL Express' ODD, the flexibility of delivery options improved customer satisfaction which further help in business expansion.

"With DHL Express, we can confidently expand to all parts of the world and win in each and every one of them."

Wee Jonn Leow, CEO of Photobook