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Developing an e-commerce site for your business is no longer daunting with an ecosystem available for you to leverage on to suit your business needs.

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ecommerce integration solution platforms

DHL Express works with you to simplify the buying process for your customers by partnering with market-leading E-commerce solution platforms. This comprises of product catalog functionality, payment processing, and creation of an account, shopping cart management, and order tracking.

The suite of services allows you to focus on expanding your core business without having to invest in a custom website.

We are fully cognizant of this important role we play in bridging between your service offering and your valued customers. As customer buying patterns have changed over the years, so has their expectations. At the present moment, customers expect everything ‘on-demand’ any time, at any place.


ecommerce integration shopify

Customized digital store with backend functionality which provides checkout and shipment systems

Integration with DHL enables you to:

  • Create DHL labels and add additional delivery services based on your customer needs
  • Generate tracking codes and handover notes
ecommerce integration magento

B2B and B2C cloud solutions for both Commerce and Open Source platform
Integration with DHL enables you to:

  • Display customize shipping rates and delivery date at checkout
  • Allow customers to provide an alternative address to reduce the risk of failed deliveries
  • Offer delivery to pop station and parcel lockers
  • Tracking of packages are available
ecommerce integration wocommerce

Site creation and maintenance that is on WordPress platform template
Integration with DHL enables you to:

  • Print Labels
  • Visibility on parcel tracking information
  • Retrieval of shipping products
ecommerce integration on demand services

We are confident that with such an ecosystem designed for you, combined with our presence in over 220 countries and territories, we are moving forward to improve the E-commerce landscape for our merchants globally.