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ecommerce international fulfillment and logistic


Many of your first-time customers would require assurance that they are purchasing from a website where the products are genuine, a secure payment gateway, visibility to their shipments, and flexible return options. These issues can be resolved easily through leveraging an ecosystem of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces that provide end-to-end solutions along with DHL’s global network. Also, our On Demand Delivery solution will ensure your customers never need to miss a delivery anymore.

ecommerce international fulfillment and logistic


Exporting does come with its own set of challenges. Many e-commerce product providers are put off by costly export licenses. Fortunately, most goods do not require such license hence it brings down the barriers to entry. Choosing an unsuitable shipping provider that uses the wrong method would make it more expensive. Shipping internationally can be more cost-effective and sustainable in the long run than you might think. In spite of respective country customs fees and import taxes, you can still obtain visibility over the full shipping rates through our interface.

ecommerce international fulfillment and logistic


Packing a product may seem insignificant or less important than the shipment, but no matter the monetary value, there are practical considerations one can take before shipping them hundreds or thousands of miles across the globe.

  1. Use double-wall boxes and leaving a 6cm clearance space between the product and the box
  2. Use bubble wrap to doubly protect your product
  3. Seal the box with a tape of minimum 48mm wide using the "H" taping method to cover all edges and seams
  4. End it off with a shopping label and ensure it is clearly displayed on a single surface

Your product is then ready to reach the hand of your customer!

Enjoy customizable packaging with our range of DHL boxes and maximize your competitive advantage to complex global trade processes and grow your business smoothly across borders.