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The importance of an accurate invoice


For all DHL Express shipments, the air waybill (AWB) and invoice are essential documents that give us and customs officials a complete overlook of your shipment.


Here's what you should know and how to prepare DHL airway bill.


What your invoice is for, at a glance:

  • A customs requisite for importing and exporting.
  • Ensures that your shipment’s clearance is expedited.
  • Used to assess the duties & taxes.

The accuracy of your invoice is important for 2 main reasons. 


1. It proves the actual value of the shipment, this is important because when a shipment arrives at the destination, it will undergo customs clearance and may be subject to customs inspection. If there are discrepancies found, or if the customs deem that the shipment’s value is incorrectly represented, they might detain the shipment for further inspection or request for supporting documents as proof of the declared value. Either way, this will negatively impact the overall transit-time of the shipment.


2. The invoice is used as a verification of the information on the waybill. It is important to provide a comprehensive description of the item you are sending on our waybill. The invoice accompanying the waybill should have the exact same information so that all your shipments will be classified and taxed accurately in the correct commodity class. Upon completion of customs inspection, there might be duties and taxes to be incurred, and having an inaccurate invoice will result in being billed incorrectly. 


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