The Asian Seller

The Asian Seller

Mike Jackness, an Amazon-seller veteran shares his journey in business success, providing insights on how to start, grow and sell your own e-Commerce business.  

On the 20th of January 2020, DHL Express Singapore had the pleasure of hosting local Amazon sellers at our Singapore country office for a fireside chat, with esteemed guest speaker Michael Jackness. Mike is no stranger to the e-Commerce world, he began his intrepid venture in 2012 where he eventually found success selling off his first business, Since 2014, Mike has started multiple successful e-Commerce brands that garner revenues of over 7 million USD annually.

The discussion was facilitated by Meghla Bhardwaj. Since 2016, Meghla has been working with Amazon by enabling e-Commerce sellers to realise their global potential.

Mike Jackness: An introduction 

The dialogue consisted of three key sections, starting with product selection. It gave listeners a better grasp of initiating a product, how to stand out from the crowd and create more depth to a product to cater to a pre-defined customer base. On a deeper discussion, he touched on planning the mechanics behind your product and the effort you have to put in after your product selection that will weigh in on your success or failure.

Watch the product selection video.

Mike then proceeds to cover product ranking. What truly defines the success of a product or a business, are its customers. How adding a psychological touch to your products could positively influence a potential buyer. He then explains how your mindset, as a seller, plays a part in how your product will fare.

Here's another video about product ranking.

Finally, he touches on garnering a profitable business and eventually selling it. A discussion on the difference between a good selling product and a well-run business portrays a different value. Mike discusses relevant business costs and mitigating risk while having a clear end goal in mind. 

You can also learn more about profitability and selling your business.

DHL Express is an avid supporter of all kinds of business, big or small. With our extensive reach, global presence and expertise in e-Commerce integration, we want to nurture your business and be your service provider of choice, to help you attain success.

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