Here are 4 ways to get a Shipping Quote Faster

Here are 4 ways to get a Shipping Quote Faster

Are you looking online to compare shipping rates of courier services in Singapore? Understandably, you’d want to clinch the best deal before you hand over your shipment to any international express courier or logistics company. DHL Express wants to help you quicken that process by allowing you to get an accurate shipping quotation in less than 5 minutes.

No hidden costs, no need to wait, and no obligations. Our quotations are made simple yet informative enough for you to make a calculated decision. Each quotation comes with the estimated delivery date with options for add-on services.


  1. Account number

    Indicate your account number if you have one. If not, you can still proceed and you will see published (standard) rates and are considered a cash customer.
  2. Address

    Country and postal code of sender and receiver – a full address is not required to obtain a quotation.
  3. Weight and dimensions

    Indicate if you are sending a document or a parcel. If you select parcel, you will be guided to advise the weight and dimensions of your shipment. This is not necessary for the document.

You will receive an estimated DHL quotation based on these details. Once the shipment is in our care, it will undergo a reweigh process, where we will derive the exact dimensions and weight of your shipment. For that exact reason, the quote will be subject to change in the event of a discrepancy. 


  1. MyDHL+

    DHL Express’s one-stop solution to manage all your shipments, MyDHL+ has the ability to generate a quote for you in a few minutes! 
  2. Customer service

    Contact our dedicated customer service via LiveChat– available 24/7 to give you a quotation! 
  3. Retail outlets/Service centres

    Walk into any of our DHL Express retail points and enjoy the benefits of our Express Easy service, 8 standardised boxes for your various shipping needs, and standardised rates, exclusive to self-lodge customers only!
  4. Account manager

    Applicable only to account customers, you can contact your account manager to get non-published rates.


Your quotation is derived based on system calculations of the weight and dimensions and the destination address of your recipient. The country and postal code of the consignee is automatically sorted into a ‘zone’ which acts as a multiplier. The weight and dimensions will determine both the gross and volumetric weight and the final quotation will be based on whichever is higher.

Now you’ve gotten your all-inclusive DHL Express quotation, you might want a little more details on what you might be paying for. Take a look at our products to get more information on our various services! 

Of course, DHL Express offers a wide variety of add-on services to make your shipping experience hassle-free. It is important to note that these services are subject to additional surcharges but are not a necessity to start shipping with us, meaning that it is entirely optional.

Our dedicated account managers will be more than happy to assist you if you have any more questions about getting a quotation.


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