How to Send a Parcel From Singapore to Indonesia

How to Send a Parcel From Singapore to Indonesia

Both Singapore and Indonesia are popular countries for both tourists and businesses. While the former is also known as Gateway to the East, the latter is a popular destination too. Moreover, with a flurry of activities with both migrants and locals, it is but natural for both countries to share trade relations. So, in case you are looking to ship a parcel from Singapore to Indonesia, we are here to guide you on all the rules, regulations, and procedures you need to follow. 

Don’t worry you won’t have to go through a ton of information such as the price of a courier service, its transit time, shipping documents, the security of your shipment, and many other factors before you courier your parcel. Here at DHL Express shipping, we are making this process super simple for you. We believe in providing customers with end-to-end knowledge about the shipping process to any country without any hassle. So, if you’re looking forward to shipping important documents or goods from Singapore to Indonesia, then you’re at the right place. Read on to know more – 

Things to know about Indonesia’s customs rules

Mobile phones, accessories & component

  • If you are importing mobile phones and its accessories, then only two devices are exempted from the licensing requirements. Importing more than two pieces is only allowed for a company that has a "Registered Importer" status of cellular phones including smartphone, handheld computer including PDA and palmtop. However, before shipping the sender must commence pre-inspection to get a surveyor certificate. Further, the company should also be acknowledged by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade by obtaining "Import Approval" and by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry by obtaining "Imported Product Registration Number", which is needed to provide the IMEI/MEID/ESN or MAC address.

Drugs: prescription & Foodstuffs

  • For importing prescriptions and foodstuff like grain, an official distribution license and an import permit (FDA Permit) from the National Agency of Drug & Food Control (BPOM) is needed. The import permit is only valid for one entry per shipment. 

    Medicines/Drugs (Prescriptions)
  • Provide a full description of medicine names.
  • Import permit (FDA Permit) from the National Agency of Drug & Food Control (BPOM) is required. Import permit only valid for 1 (one) entry – per shipment.
  • For sample use, companies need to register on the National Agency of Drug & Food Control (BPOM) to obtain SKI.
  • Based on Regulation of Indonesian Ministry of Health No. 10/2003, Psychotropic importation only eligible for pharmaceutical Industry, pharmaceutical Wholesalers or science institution by obtained Import Approval Letter from Directorate General.
  • Details breakdown of items must be clearly listed out in the invoice.
  • For personal use, consignee must be personal name  (not company/ business entity)  and Importer Statement letter (Perka POM) , Doctor’s Prescription & Proof of payment are required.

Seeds & Coffee

  • If you are importing seeds or coffee including samples, then the consignee must need a quarantine permit from the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Books (non-commercial use)

  • If you’re sending prescriptions or books for non-commercial use, then you need to mention the details of the items with a proper breakdown on the invoice.

Plant products & Finished leather goods

  • The consignee will need a quarantine permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, while the shipper will have to provide a Phytosanitary certificate when sending items like plants, plant products, or finished leather goods


  • Importing cosmetic products is prohibited in Indonesia regardless of its quantity, weight, value, and purpose of shipping. Further, any business entity importation of cosmetics is restricted and a permit from the National Agency of Drug & Food Control (BPOM) is needed. The consignee must apply for this permit. 

X-ray machines

  • If you’re shipping x-ray machines, then you need to contact the destination prior to accepting any shipment for its licenses or permits necessities.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Based on the regulation number - 199/PMK.010/2019, only 350 ml of alcoholic beverages are allowed and subject to a certain percent of import duty and VAT. More than that will be destroyed by the Indonesian customs.

For shipments 100kgs and above are required to undergo Formal Customs Clearance regardless of value. Terms of trade e.g. CIF, FOB, C&F, etc are to be specified on the invoice for customs valuation. Consignee must be able to provide the below and without any of the below documentations, shipment will not be permitted for inbound into Indonesia unless consignee is located in a Free Trade Zone.:
1) Indonesian Tax Number (NPWP) 
2) Import Identification Number (API) 
3) Customs Registration Certificate (SRP) 
4) Original Power Attorney.

Shipments value exceeding USD 1500 regardless of value must be cleared via formal entry & must have original paperwork unless consignee is located in Free Trade Zone area. Documents provided by shipper are Invoice or commercial Invoice with real value (Proforma Invoice is not allowed) and Packing list. Importations for shipments above USD 1500 is not allowed for any importer who doesn’t possess the below docs. Otherwise, shipment will be RTO (Return to Origins) or abandon to customs Warehouse after 30 Calendar days. Documents required from consignee:
1) POA
2) Tax ID No (NPWP)
3) Import ID No (API)
4) Customs ID No (NIK)

Here’s how you can ship your parcel from Singapore to Indonesia.

The shipping process is fairly methodical yet simple. If you follow the subsequent process in order, you should be able to send your parcel from Singapore to Indonesia easily. Here’s what you need to do:

The first thing you need to do is create an AWB followed by preparing your shipping invoice. It gives DHL Express as well as the customs officials a full overview of your shipment. For a smooth customs process, please ensure to put details and clear information on the invoice (product description, quantity, unit of measurement, currency, unit and total value, etc) and avoid to use “sample” or any generic description. Otherwise, it will be flagged for further process by Custom (Inspection/Red Channel, etc) and incur a delay of 72-96 hours.

Note: For documents, general correspondence (business or private) Max weight is 10 kgs (22 lbs) otherwise ship as non-documents and a shipping invoice would be required

Once you have settled these requirements, carefully pack your own shipment to help prevent any damage during the journey. Finally, you can hand over your shipment to DHL Express. You can schedule the time and date of your parcel pickup, call our customer service or schedule a pickup from MyDHL + or drop it off at any DHL Express retail store near you. Once you handed over your shipment to us, you can easily track it using our tracking tool.

The many benefits of using DHL Express for shipping a parcel

Knowing Indonesia’s customs duty charges for each and every type of goods will prevent delays in the shipping process and reduce the risk of any additional costs. So, fret no more and take advantage of DHL’s Express shipping service that will make sure that your shipment crosses the border smoothly and efficiently. The best part is that DHL Express does the tedious work of customs clearance and completion of declarations on your behalf. 

Here are some of the top advantages:

If you wish to ship other items that aren’t mentioned above from Singapore to Indonesia, contact our Certified International Specialist. Be rest assured that your shipment will reach the destination seamlessly and in perfect condition.

  • DHL Express provides a wide range of door-to-door international shipping services
  • DHL Express has many shipping tools such as MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD (On-Demand Delivery) that makes your shipping process easier and safer
  • Customers receive real-time updates about their shipment’s clearance statuses
  • With DHL’s flexible delivery options, customers are able to decide where and when the package should be dropped
  • Pickup time is as per your choice
  • DHL has a network coverage spread over 220 countries and territories

If you wish to ship other items that aren’t mentioned above from Singapore to Indonesia, contact our Certified International Specialist. Be rest assured that your shipment will reach the destination seamlessly and in perfect condition.

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