Do You Know How to Send a Parcel From Singapore to China? Learn From These Simple Tips

Do You Know How to Send a Parcel From Singapore to China? Learn From These Simple Tips

We all know China as the world’s largest consumer market. Automatically, shipping to China becomes a critical service for any shipper around the globe. While sending a gift to a close friend or documents to your business partner may sound simple, the process of shipping from Singapore to China may not be as easy as you’ve thought. Moreover, if you are not privy to the rules and customs duty charges of the place, then your parcel may get stuck in the process and eventually get lost or damaged. This is where DHL Express comes to your rescue. 

With DHL Express, you can stay assured of the safety of your items. Our efficient and easy courier service makes sure that your goods reach the consignee on time and in a good condition they left home.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about parcel shipping from Singapore to China. 

What do I need to know about the customs information of China?

Advertising Brochures

  • For sending advertising brochures, journals, magazines, or periodicals for commercial purposes can be only imported by the government-authorized importers. However, for personal purposes, the quantity of the items should be reasonable up to 10 sets or 50 pieces max. 


  • Sending liquid milk for personal usage is not accepted. If you are sending milk powder for personal use, then the quantity is 5 regular cans, which is about 5kgs.
  • If you are importing foodstuffs including grain, then both the exporter and importer must first register in the China customs. A Chinese label registration is mandatory for such items.
  • If it’s for personal use, the registration can be exempted. However, the quantity must be reasonable enough for personal use. Items like seafood, meat, and yolk products are not acceptable for personal effects.

Films: entertainment

  • An import license must be obtained from the Ministry of Culture or State Administration of Radio Film and Television to send DVDs and VHS.


  • Only costume jewellery is accepted for both import and export.

Telecommunication equipment

  • For telecommunication equipment or mobile phones, accessories and their components, an import license from the Ministry of Commerce is needed. This depends on the detail of information of the commodity.
  • For a fastener, a certificate of origin is needed, and country of origin needs to be remarked on the minimum sales package. China Compulsory Certificate may be needed and that depends upon the detailed information of the commodity.

Chemicals, non-hazardous

  • For chemicals and non-hazardous items, their molecular formula and MSDS in Chinese and English are needed.


  • To ship cosmetics, both the exporter/importer must first register in the China customs. Paperwork needed for the registration must be sanitary certificates from the origin country, certificate of origin, sales contract, and original label with Chinese translation.
  • If the items are for personal use, then the Chinese label registration can be exempted. However, the quantity should be reasonable enough for personal use. Some common items that are frequently sent to China include ointment, lotion, body wash, massage oil.

Personal Effects

  • The value threshold for personal shipment is CNY 1,000 (USD 145) for any shipment from Singapore to China. There will be no value limit for personal effects if there is only one undividable piece (sales package, not DHL piece) under one shipment.
  • Shipment to China for individual, multiple items in one box, value cannot exceed CNY1000 (subject to changes) originated from Singapore else, clearance cannot be processed. Customs will request RTO (Return to Origins), redirection or disposal. If it is 1 single item (sales package, not DHL piece) there is no value limit.

Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco products

  • If you are shipping dutiable items like alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and tobacco, then a permit is needed for the land or sea connection to China. The permit condition to print letters with “HKDNP” must be with indelible ink on the manufacturer’s label during clearance in Hong Kong.

Prescription Drugs

  • For importing Prescription Drugs, The exporter/Importer should register in china customs. Import license from State Food & Drug Administration is required. For personal purpose, the medical prescription from doctor is required.

According to China Customs regulation, phone number for the ultimate consignee is the mandatory requirement for all shipments (Documents and Non-Documents) coming into China. Invalid phone number, such as “0000”,”123456789”, “-“, is not acceptable for customs declaration. Fail to provide correct consignee phone number will lead to clearance delay.

How can I ship a parcel to China?

When you are shipping to China, your DHL air waybill contains thorough instructions that include information about the items in the package that you have shipped. DHL Express believes in simplifying the journey of your parcels, and for that preparing your shipping invoice is of utmost importance. This invoice is then used to clear customs duties in China. However, that depends upon which items you are shipping to China.

For instance, if you are shipping any diplomatic mail or pouch with a seal, then it can be only cleared by the embassy staff of China. For other shipments that are addressed to the embassy, the embassy should then apply for a 'customs envelope' for further clearance.

Remember that all parcels, with the exemption of documents being shipped to China must contain a Harmonized System code that must be indicated on the customs declaration form. This code, along with the right, detailed description of goods in the supporting documents will help expedite the process of clearance.

Also remember to create your AWB and invoice in English instead of local language. Ambiguous declaration of goods will lead to clearance delay and a heavy penalty. Further, postal code is a must. This is a common issue in China as the postal code is not widely known by the locals and it can result in your parcel getting misplaced.

The invoice/packing list must be typewritten with no manual changes. A handwritten invoice/packing list is only accepted for personal effects to China. All invoices must be itemized with unit value and total value.

Note: All importers in China must register with the Customs authorities for an importer Customs Registration code (CR Code). They can also engage with an agent who has the CR Code and is certified to act as the importer of their shipments. This CR code must be shown on the customs declaration form of all shipments, except documents and personal effects. Hence, relay the urgency of these requirements to your shipping partners in China, as the absence of this information can lead to a hold of your shipments in the customs authorities until the information is available. 

Take the duty of packing your own shipments. You cannot miss this step as it guarantees the safe shipment of your parcel from Singapore to China. After packing, you can call us for your shipment collection. This can be simply done by scheduling for your pick-up at DHL’s Customer Service. You can also plan for your shipment collection through MyDHL + or deliver the shipment by yourself to any DHL Express retail store near you. And you’re done!

Advantages of using DHL Express

Knowing China’s customs duty rules for every type of goods will not cause delays in your shipping process from Singapore and cost you extra money. So, make the most of DHL Express’s hassle-free shipping to China and have the assurance that your shipment will cross the border swiftly and smoothly. 

Here are some of its top advantages:

  • DHL Express’s network is spread over 220 countries and territories
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Offers a wide range of door-to-door international shipping services
  • Customers are able to get real-time updates of their shipment’s clearance statuses
  • Shipment collection time is as per your choice
  • The shipping process is made super easy with DHL Express’s various tools such as MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD (On-Demand Delivery)
  • 24/7 customer support

Do you have more items on your list that you wish to ship from Singapore to China? Contact us for more information. To know more about our import and export services, feel free to reach out to us!

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