Things to Learn from the Logistics Industry when Rebuilding Businesses

Things to Learn from the Logistics Industry when Rebuilding Businesses

As countries restart their economies, businesses face a challenging climb back from lockdowns with the prospect of recovery. Leading the charge are logistics companies that orchestrate and connect businesses to their customers around the world. As commerce has been moving on to digital channels, businesses would do well to bolster their stocks and ensure that they have a reliable backend logistics process that will assist operations and borderless reach.

The logistics industry has also evolved since its early stages – in the past, logistics simply meant fulfilling segments of the supply chain or to handle last-mile deliveries. Today, logistics is viewed as an integral, if not essential, part of any business. Particularly in e-commerce businesses, customers are increasingly demanding when it comes to service quality, where a devastating online review for slow delivery or receiving the product in poor conditions could severely impact a business’s reputation.  

Amidst uncertainty, businesses are showing a preference for quality service and having lesser regard for price margins. In the long-term, a reputable or well-liked organisation known for always delivering their promise will reap a better reward.

Here are some key takeaways you can learn from the logistics industry in rebuilding businesses.


Striking while the iron is hot! Many countries in the Asia Pacific are also slowly recovering from the pandemic, similar to Singapore. With the change in purchasing habits that COVID-19 has ‘forced’ the world into, we are observing trends of more e-commerce businesses arising, which offers greater ease in regional or global expansion. Quickly gaining traction for your business during this phase to build a market share and reputation for your brand will be beneficial to the progress of your business.

The Asia Pacific is expected to have the largest market size as the countries had taken stringent measures to contain outbreaks early. This enabled logistics and supply chain companies to meet demand at the height of the pandemic situation and well into the ‘New Normal’. The supply of vital products in Singapore, South Korea and Japan has bounced back quickly, allowing them to go from limited to normal operations in a short span of time.

DHL Express offers a door-to-door transit-time of one business day from Singapore to most locations in South East Asia – a true testament to help you ‘Act Fast’.


As COVID-19 spanned to its peak internationally, we saw many businesses and industries taking a hard hit, with some companies having to take more drastic measures like pay-cuts, retrenchments, or even complete closure of their businesses. If there is one takeaway for businesses that rely on international imports and exports, it is to build a resilient supply chain.

The logistics industry has always been on the receiving end of global economic infrastructure development like free ports and special trade zones that pave the way for even more global trade. Digitalisation and the Internet of Things have opened up and strong global networks. 

DHL Express is known as the trusted international delivery service in Singapore has supported the boom of the e-commerce industry and online trading with fast, aero-powered shipping and the latest innovations in delivery and fulfilment options up to the last mile. It is proving that investments in digitalisation and the global potential of e-commerce work to speed up growth for future-ready businesses. 


Purchasing habits have evolved, consumer needs have changed and shopping preferences have given online-commerce platforms a large boom. If this is to be the new trend, we have to adapt and understand what is important when our customers are shopping. When you handle B2B transactions, you will want to provide quality service, fast deliveries, and products that continue to remain relevant with easy access.

Social distancing and measures to ensure safety have become new norms that have given rise to new buying behaviours. Along with them come new opportunities for new customers and new needs to fulfil. Playing to a similar, evergreen tune of demand and supply. Now with more and more trade happening online everywhere, items are being shipped and delivered all over the world. Whether you’re a business of one or an established brand or enterprise, you need a reliable partner that delivers great customer experiences like DHL Express.


At the end of the day, we want to offer a convenient service to our customers, while ensuring that our business also operates in an efficient and comfortable manner that is sustainable in the years to come. Whether it’s paying or shipping, you need to make it seamless, secure and as hassle-free as possible for your customers and yourself. Since its inception, DHL Express has always been driven by the offering of the utmost convenience to shippers as well as the recipients of its packages. It has helped countless businesses deliver and grow beyond borders with speed, reliability and custom expertise for over 50 years.

Our On-Demand Delivery (ODD) tool has been around for several years, allowing recipients to flexibly adjust their delivery preferences all over the world. MyDHL+ has seen the new era of the simplicity of sending a parcel or document, where our intuitive platform allows you to create a shipment, receive a quotation and make a collection online.

Businesses on the mend need to leverage logistic expertise to connect with their customers. It all boils down to total customer satisfaction – being able to afford the convenience, safety, and consistency. Simply deliver on these and you’ll be back in business the express way.

Learn how to get your business back on track the express way with DHL Express.

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