A Complete Guide to Shipping a Parcel from Singapore to Malaysia

A Complete Guide to Shipping a Parcel from Singapore to Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular shipping destination and relies mainly on international trade. In fact, it is one of the main destinations for global shippers. Whether you are sending your pallets, letters, or parcels from Singapore, you need to be aware of Malaysia’s tariff charges for each good. Moreover, there are various factors that you should weigh in properly before shipping your goods from Singapore to Malaysia. With DHL Express, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items. You can rest assured that your goods will reach in no time and in the exact same condition they left home.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the courier service from Singapore to Malaysia.

How to ship a parcel to Malaysia

Step 1: You have to create a DHL air waybill

Your DHL air waybill is the most important document when you are sending a parcel from Singapore to Malaysia. The AWB is basically a receipt and tracking code all in one. It contains detailed instructions that include information about the contents in the package that you have shipped and any special instructions on handling and transporting it. Not just that, the AWB also connects the dots between the person who has shipped it and the person who is receiving the package. The AWB is usually attached to the exterior of your package, where it’s visible while making the journey from port to port.

Step 2: Next, you have to prepare your shipping invoice

We believe in facilitating a smooth journey for your parcels, and for that, your next step must be to prepare your shipping invoice. The main purpose of the shipping invoice is to inform customs of the country destination what items are coming into the country. Make sure you describe the package and its contents clearly.

Note: Do not seal the invoice within the shipment box. If your shipment contains multiple items, then make sure your invoice gives a breakdown of each item. However, if you are shipping documents, then an invoice is not needed.

Step 3: You have to pack your shipment

This step is very crucial if you want your parcel from Singapore to reach Malaysia safely. First, start by measuring the weight and shape of your parcel. Then, pack it in a suitable packaging box to fit the contents of your shipment neatly and safely. Seal up all the seams and edges of the box and stick on a special handling label, if necessary. Do take note that special handling labels have additional charges. Next, paste your DHL AWB on the top of the box for easy reference. This is important because when your parcel travels within the DHL Express network, it transits through various people, facilities, vehicles, and airplanes. A well-packed shipping box reduces the risks of damage and makes sure that your shipment reaches Malaysia in a pristine condition.

Step 4: You have to schedule for shipment collection 

This is the final step before you hand over your shipment to DHL Express. Schedule for your shipment collection. You can either call our Customer Service or schedule a pickup from MyDHL + or self-lodge your shipment to a DHL Express retail store near you. Once the shipment is within our care, you can go ahead and start tracking it. 

Advantages of using DHL Express

Knowing Malaysia’s tariff and custom duty charges for each and every type of goods will help avoid any delays and have a smooth shipping process from Singapore. So, take advantage of DHL Express’s hassle-free shipping to Malaysia and have the assurance that your parcel will cross the border swiftly and smoothly. DHL Express does the work of customs clearance and completion of declarations on your behalf. 

Here are some of its top advantages:

  • Our network covers over 220 countries and territories
  • Provides a wide range of door-to-door international shipping services
  • With the availability of DHL Express’s many tools such as MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD (On-Demand Delivery), the shipping process is made easier and safer
  • Flexible delivery options that allow customers to decide where and when their package should be delivered
  • DHL Express also works closely with regulatory bodies of customs to give you real-time updates of your shipment’s clearance statuses
  • With the DHL Express API feature, Customers can directly engage with DHL Express services for direct shipping status
  • Collection time as per your choice

Custom Information for Malaysia

  • Goods like integrated circuit boards, electrical circuit boards are dutiable at a certain percentage of import tax and GST. But, if they are for use in PCs, no duties are charged. Except CD ROMs meant for computer use, other CDs and video CDs are charged with a certain percentage of SST. Computer cables and contact lenses are dutiable items. However, if the quantities are small, i.e., only samples, then no duties are charged.
  • Import of any beauty products must be done by a Cosmetic Notification Holder (CNH), which has a registered company in Malaysia. No individual is allowed to ship Cosmetic Products.
  • All leather goods incur a certain percentage of import tax and SST. However, handbags and other leather bags are import duty-free.
  • Electrical goods listed under personal effects will need an import permit. Additionally, restricted items under the country's law will need a permit before importing them to Malaysia.
  • If your shipment contains yarns or toys, then duties are charged depending upon the material of the toy or composition of the yarn.
  • For importing mineral samples, prescriptions, seeds, foodstuffs including grains as well as perishable items like flowers, fruits, and vegetables, approval must be obtained from the Government of Agricultural Department or Health Ministry of Malaysia.
  • Some percentage of import tax is charged for importing items like diaries, labels, invoices, blank forms, and stationery.
  • Approval must first be obtained from the Ministry of Health when importing alcohol or beverages. Its import duty is charged in per deca litre with a certain percentage of SST. The Ministry operates strictly from Monday to Friday.

If you have more questions on DHL Express’s services or want to know what other products you can ship from Singapore to Malaysia, then simply visit our contact us page. DHL Express mainly focuses on improving the shipping experience and delivering customer satisfaction. So, fret no more! Whatever your shipping need is, leave it in our care for seamless and smooth delivery.

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Khairul Anuwar Abdullah

Can i post my used phone from Singapore to Malaysia?

Comment reply by :
DHL Express
Hi Khairul, Thank you for your enquiry. Used Communication Equipment,e.g. used telephones ,mobile phones and used computer equipment are prohibited into MY with the exception that an import permit from both SIRIM and Department of Environment have been issued prior to cargo arrival into MY. Any failure to provide the import permit may result to shipment being held or confiscated by Customs. If you have other questions, please contact our customer service team.