DHL Medical Express: One-Stop Shop Solution for Clinical Trials Logistics

DHL Medical Express: One-Stop Shop Solution for Clinical Trials Logistics

The world of clinical trials research is evolving and experiencing an accelerated supply chain transformation.

Over the past decades, DHL Express has developed a global network that specifically supports clinical trial logistics. At DHL Express, we understand the challenges and complexities of transporting these time and temperature sensitive shipments ranging from investigational medicine/drugs, vaccines, clinical supplies/kits and bio-specimen samples (UN3373, Category B Biological substance) to and from clinics/hospitals and clinical research organisations (CRO) and laboratories around the globe.

Every shipment is treated with utmost care because at DHL, we focus on what’s inside the box and we understand that each shipment supports crucial research that can help save lives.

How DHL Express Can Help you with your clinical trial logistics?

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How DHL Express Can Help you with your clinical trial logistics?

DHL Medical Express

DHL Medical Express shipments are treated with utmost priority in our global network. Our capability provides real value to your business through safety, speed, efficiency, and reliability. Our end-to-end logistics solutions are designed to provide you, your sponsors, investigators, and patients peace of mind.

Medical Express service will provide you with the following support:

Priority handling for easliest posible delivery and latest pick-up

Priority handling for earliest possible delivery, and latest pick-up

On-time delivery

On-time delivery to over 165 countries in optimal conditions within 24-48-72 hours

Temperature-controlled solution & handling

Temperature-controlled Solution & handling

Dangerous Goods compliance and customs expertise

Dangerous Goods compliance and customs expertise

Dedicated customer service with industry knowledge

Dedicated customer service with industry knowledge

Inovative temperature controlled packing solution

Innovative Temperature Controlled Packaging Solution (Dry Ice supplies and pre-conditioning)

24/7 live shipment monitoring & exception management

24/7 LIVE shipment monitoring & Exception management

Contingency: Re-icing & storage

Contingency: Re-icing & cold storage


DHL Express Singapore offers Full Loop Service to hospital sites and packaging for various temperature ranges. Talk to us to find out more.

Full loop service



Designed for sending contents at temperatures below minus 20º C.


Dry Ice Supplies

DHL Express partner with Local Vendors in most of the countries in APEC* to provide innovative dry ice solutions.

  • Delivery typically next working day
  • Deliver Frozen packaging using loop service to hospitals
  • Same-day shipping in APEC except JP/IN (JP/IN is next day uplift)
  • Exact and reliable planning for your collection location
  • Excellent customer service

Designed to cope with a chilled temperature environment between 2º and 8º C.


Designed to cope with a controlled room temperature environment between 15º and 25º C.

controlled ambient

Our Ambient boxes are delivered as complete solutions that include Absorbent Sleeves, Pressure Bags, Coolant Wraps and packaging instructions within the box.

1. Ambient Non Insulated
For the shipment of non-temperature controlled UN 3373 Biological Substances, Category B.

ambient non insulated

2. Ambient Insulated
For the shipments of temperature controlled UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B.
An additional insulated liner gives your ambient temperature shipments more protection against changes in outside temperature.

ambient insulated


  • 24/7 monitoring & exception management

    Over 9,000 DHL Certified Life Science Healthcare Specialists are trained to manage your bookings from clinics and hospitals sites and provide 24/7 monitoring support.

    Global Quality Control Center for LIVE 24/7 monitoring & contingencies activations.
  • Customs clearance experts & Industry-trained customer service

  • First stop delivery in Singapore

    All Medical Express (WMX) shipments are treated with the highest priority throughout our DHL network. We pick up all shipments as late as possible and deliver them with the earliest available service by our reliable courier delivery team.

    Saturday Delivery option is available upon request.

    As industry leader and premium logistics partner, DHL Express shares your desire for service excellence. We understand the complexity and urgency surrounding the Life Sciences and Clinical Research industry and we aim to provide best-in-class service through our one-stop shop solution and dedicated Life Sciences & Healthcare team.


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