We have recently received reports of a phishing website that replicates the look and feel of the DHL Express website. The website link is distributed via SMS from a random local number. When in doubt of the integrity of a website that uses the DHL brand, please stop surfing the site and close your browser. Please take note to access our websites and tools only from the secure domains of: (DHL site) (DHL Express site) (DHL Express Singapore Resource Centre) (On Demand Delivery platform) (MyDHL+ tool)

In addition, please stay vigilant for scams calls made falsely in the name of DHL or other organisations. If you receive an automated call in Mandarin regarding a DHL shipment, please hang up immediately. Do not proceed with the given instructions. You may consider making a police report on the scam attempt to aid police investigation or if you have further concerns.

For more information, please refer to our Fraud Awareness page.

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